How Search Engines Like Google Work?

Do we still use the phrase, Google it? We have heavily become dependent on search engines, especially Google to answer any questions or queries that we have.

Do you know Google processes more than 2 trillion queries a day by users.

We probably use Google more than 5 times a day on average to answer our burning queries. Search engines have become part of our daily life. It is amazing how we use them to learn more about life, business,  shopping, and leisure.

We trust the search engines in providing us relevant and useful results to our questions. That is why it is important to remember that they are constantly evolving to ensure that the user receives great user experience. By understanding how important it is for Google to please every user query, it gives an appreciation in knowing how search engines work.

So How Do Search Engines Work?

It is not necessary to go in-depth into the technical aspect of how Google complex computer programs work but is very vital to understand the basics.

They crawl websites to understand what the content on your website is about. Then after getting a general understanding of the website theme , they will index the web pages according to what they believe is relevant. The three main functions performed are:

Google also checks for quality of each website, as they have to ensure that they placed the credible websites that can answer a user’s question.

Why is optimizing your site important?

We want to ensure that Google and other search engines can understand what each web page entails. The spiders should not have a difficult time crawling important web pages. These crawlers should not be restricted by technical errors. Vice versa, there should be instructions in placed for the robots/crawlers/spiders instructing them not to crawl web pages that should not been shown to the public.  

What is Indexing? After the search engines crawl the website, they organize, sort and store the web pages that were crawled accordingly.

They also determine which site is more relevant based on a user’s query. This is where ranking is involved.

That is why it is extremely important for websites to be optimized for search engines. This is where a Search Engine Optimizer has a crucial role in ensuring that websites are well optimized for both search engines to crawl and is relevant to users in order to answer their queries.