An Ultimate Guide to Growth Marketing Tool

When we discuss the world of digital marketing, there are a ton of applications to assist us. Each of the apps has its way of going about the tasks and work on a varying set of techniques. Among many approaches to digital marketing, one of the common ones is growth marketing or growth hacking.

What is growth marketing? Why is it important?

Used by many experts in the modern-day industry, growth marketing is an approach that uses data and tests to help you optimize your marketing strategy. For instance, we use the A/B test, sending different push notifications to determine which one is clicked more by a user. Ultimately, the goal of this approach is to retain the existing customers while making efforts to gather new clients and enhance their profit.

When we talk about the importance, growth marketing is about continuously improving yourself to suit your customers’ needs. It helps you in being hyper-efficient with your resources. The approach is driven by data, which gives you an insight into user psychology and facts i.e., A/B tests, funnel analysis, surveys, etc. Another reason why it is gaining popularity is because of its cash efficiency.

Top 10 growth marketing tools

Considering growth marketing, let’s take a look at the top 10 growth marketing tools that can help your business grow.


HubSpot legs up in the competition of growth marketing tools when it comes to the domain of marketing, sales, and CRM software. You will find it in almost all the top 10 growth marketing tools’ lists as it assists an individual in various ways.

With Hubspot’s help, you can access diverse tools that will help you write novel blogs, SEO writings, analytics, tracking electronic mails, lead management, conversion, and much more. It almost covers all domains that you will require for growing your marketing channel, a mega pack full of surprises.

Moreover, it is the best choice for starters as it provides all the necessary tools in one place and prevents an individual from panicking.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a very well-known and free analytic tool from Google. It is considered an amazing option that helps the marketer know about the content chemistry i.e., how much people see their amazing content and their behavior regarding it. Ultimately, they can track visitors’ actions on a web page and analyze it to improve their site.

Moreover, it helps the marketers understand what sort of messages will attract the audience and find the spot where the number of audiences will amplify. Not only this, but it also helps in managing keywords, brand messages, and provide guidelines for crafting company strategies.

In a nutshell, if you become a pro in its use, you will surely learn the tactics to attract more audiences within no time.

KW Finder

KW Finder stands amongst the best tool to find top-trending keywords with a large number of audiences. It provides volume and other keyword related metrics to help you analyze the keywords in a better way. As you know, in this whole new era, keywords hold a pivotal role in your marketing channel’s growth. KW Finder provides a complete guide about keyword searches and assists you in opting for the right phrase with a low level of SEO difficulty and a high level of volume. This factor will help in amplifying your audience rate.

Moreover, it provides budget-friendly packages for its valuable customer. Investing in this tool will also help you find out your rival’s content trending secret by just entering their URL or domain. Not only this, but it also assisted in searching local keywords and their SERP analysis. These all aspects collectively help this growth marketing tool to stand up among the top rankers.

Yoast SEO Plugin

Yoast is an amazing Plugin for WordPress that assists in adding extra data regarding search engine in every blog post. This feature will amplify your audience number as it allows Google to easily access your blog and read it, increasing the probability of being among the top searches.

Moreover, it provides free tips daily regarding the SEOI of websites, amazing plugins, and free courses. With the help of their free courses, you can get the opportunity to swiftly increase your audience.


Hootsuite is an amazing marketing tool that assists you in managing your social media accounts without facing any inconvenience. It efficiently manages your post schedules and examines all your social media accounts. Using this tool, you can make the marketing easy for your team member by introducing them to its novel feature that assists in creating an amazing post for every social media account, saving you a lot of time and effort.

Moreover, it assists in streaming the mentions in your posts, posts, scheduled messages, and much more. For making the communication better, they have an amazing feature that allows you to leave a comment or message for the member to whom he or she can reply later. Not only this, but it also amplifies the response times by assigning different tasks to various members.

SEM Rush

SEM Rush is a stunning tool that helps you analyze the competition and provides you efficient tactics to stand up in the crowd. It assists in tracking your rivals’ keyword strategy, research keywords, examining your blog SEO, and effectively optimizing your website.

Additionally, it arms you with an exceptional collection of high volume keywords, which will amplify your audience numbers and leads. It also provides an in-depth study of keywords, analyzes the high rating keyword, and introduces the marketer to novel keywords ideas. This feature will increase the growth of your marketing channel. Collectively, all the features bring the SEM Rush marketing tool among the top 10 growth marketing tools.


Spyfu stands a cut above the rest due to its amazing and unique features. It helps identify new competitors that recently came on the board as it shows a new rival appearance. Moreover, it helps in identifying the content gap in rival posts with its ‘KOMBAT’ feature. You can use the data and fill that content gap swiftly, which will increase your traffic.

Additionally, it highlights your top ranking keywords, and just by changing a bit of direction, you can earn more traffic. Using the highlighted keywords, you can create more content relevant to your website, and it will bring you more visitors.


Groovefunnel is an amazing game-changer in the world of marketing. It assists in managing diverse business aspects by one tool without spending extra bucks on tools of CRM, electronic mail marketing, and similar other choices. Groove pages enable you to build professional landing pages that assist in selling products to a target audience, which, consequently, will amplify your audience numbers.

With the help of GrooveSell, you can easily set up an online store. This feature is highly recommended for Coaches, project experts, speakers, and creators of the courses.

Then you have Grooveaffiliate, which is an amazing groovefunnel tool that assists in the management of the business, as it used by top management centers. With its metrics, you can track the affiliate’s number and can prepare the next strategy accordingly. Ultimately, you get rich information that helps a lot in increasing the traffic and leads.

Moreover, it is a complete package of marketing tools that help you build amazing websites, sales funnels, novel checkout options, and similar features. Therefore, you can increase your sales at an exceptional level. It is one of the best growth marketing tools that is used by people on a global scale.


Aweber is an amazing email marketing tool used mainly by small to mid-scale business owners, bloggers, and entrepreneurs. However, nowadays, some of the bigger websites and businesses are using it.

The tool provides access to 600 free templates that will amplify your speed of creating an email. Moreover, it helps you by sending a sequence of auto-responders to new sign-ups. Not only this, but you also get key metrics regarding the performance of your electronic mail. It also offers marketing and product services to support customers.

What else, you can easily access this email marketing tool by paying $1 for a trial that is available for 30 days.

Elegant themes

Elegant Themes is an amazing growth marketing tool in WordPress, as it can amplify your traffic to a great extent with Divi themes. It offers budget-friendly packages that are easily approachable for any individual.

For the time being, their main focus is on amplifying the quality of Divi i.e., displaying diverse variations of your unique content and overall web layout. In case if you want to access any of the old themes, you can easily access them through their site/plugin and use the layout according to your taste.

In a nutshell, every one of the top 10 growth marketing tools has its importance. They play a role according to the demands of the marketers and their unique specs. You can opt for any of them according to the requirement of your content and your needs.