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Katrina Payne

How did it start from being passionate about languages to search engine marketing?


It all started with the love for languages. Languages were a passion from secondary school and this excitement carried over to community college where I studied an Associate Degree in French & Spanish for Business and Tourism. Subsequently, I achieved, BSc in Management with Spanish.


From young, I would spend hours and hours on the computer. I probably still do, but nonetheless. My first computer was, I believe the IBM computer that accompanied a floppy disk drive. Now, I own two MACs . I think I’m married to these two guys.


University (Bachelors)

Now back to University days. Even though I was studying Management with Spanish, I would say, what  I enjoyed most during this time were Computers -> Languages-> there was always something about psychology. Yes, psychology. What a strange combination, but true.  Lucky for me, during Uni days I was able to work part time at the University as a Computer Lab Assistant. It is like where ever I go, I must be doing something computer related.

Finding Self

After accomplishing Upper Second Class Honors in Management with Spanish, it was time to find a job. It was a question of what exactly should I pursue.  I worked part-time meeting and greeting tourists as well as being a Check-In Agent for a Cruise Liner company. It was long hours but tons of fun. After the high season for this was over, it was in deed time to search for a permanent job.


Finding Self PT2

Hooray! I managed to find work as an HR Assistant, although I love being in the HR department, it was not my passion. A year after, I landed a superb job working as an Admin Assistant, Programme Coordinator. It allowed me to work with persons all through out the Caribbean and to travel. However, I was missing something….



I was always ambitious and determined to go after what I wanted to do. I was hungry to attain my Masters degree especially since my contract as an Admin Assistant was coming to an end/ renewal. I did not have a clue to what I should pursue. I went with the wind like Pocohontas.

One day, an idea came to me. I wanted to make money online teaching Spanish. I wanted to build my own website and teach Spanish online. More and more it was about creating the website as opposed to teaching the Spanish. Click Click, it came to me. With my drive for computers and new discovery to creating websites, I decided to look for a University that teaches how to web design / development

Bingo, another idea came, studying abroad it was. Since I’ve never been to London, I decided to make it happen.

London, Here I go!

After finding an amazing program online which entitled ‘Electronic Publishing’, at City University London, I collected all the documentation necessary for application. I was missing one major item, I had no experience in HTML nor CSS. No worries, I found a summer course which provided a certificate if successful. That I was!

I submitted all documentation, and GOT IN! Amazing.


Dear London, I Miss You.

I miss London a lot & those days in the pub after school. In addition to the traveling and pure site seeing of London.

I also visited Paris… A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!


I Had to Return.

As studies came near to the end, before starting my thesis, I received the ultimate saddest news ever….my mum had stage IV cancer.


Let’s back up a little bit. I had to find a topic for my thesis. I went with SEO even though the Masters program hardly touched on Search Engine Optimization (SEO). I wanted to pursue something that was different, unusual but fascinating. It was like understanding how people search…. did you remember back then I loved psychology. I love understanding behavior of people. Everything is a journey that takes you to a destiny.



Take a Deep Breath!

Was unable to complete thesis for 2012 but that’s ok. I requested an extension for Jan 2013 because my mum was priority.  I had to ensure that I was by her side in hopes that a miracle would happen. To my dismay, we all have to face reality that we must all die.

It was not easy but with her love and support, I was able to complete my thesis in SEO. She wanted the best for me and my sister. After hand delivering my thesis in London January 2013, my dog of 12 years passed away in February, 2013 and unfortunately, my mum, the love of my life,  passed away March 1st, 2013.



Ok. I didn’t attend graduation, as it wouldn’t feel like graduation without my mum. Nevertheless, I was proud that I accomplished my Masters of Science in Electronic Publishing with an upper merit. I did freelance work from 2013 to 2015 with web design, SEO and katrina payne’s photography. By the way, photography was many hours of self taught.

Here Comes The Llulaby.

In February 2015, I give birth to a bouncy handsome loving baby boy. Let’s back it up again. My other goal in life was to have a baby before the age of 30 years. My boyfriend at the time of 4 years, we were pregnant in 2014.



It Doesn’t Stop Here.

In 2015, maybe around May 2015, I worked as a short term consultant and then as a Web Coordinator in August, 2015. Two years after, I was promoted as an SEO Analyst where I am currently working with a Digital Marketing team for a really great company. 


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